Amazon Echo Show Setup

The Amazon Echo Show Setup is a step ahead of the Amazon Echo series, designed for those who need something more than a compact speaker that responds to their queries. This is a highly advanced device, equipped with Alexa, wide display, camera, mic, speaker and a lot more, making it the right choice for very modern home. The Amazon Echo Show 8 is the latest addition in the series, which looks like a slightly smaller version of Echo Show, but it has better sound quality, mic responsiveness and camera that works better than the previous versions.

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Amazon Echo Show Features

The Amazon Echo Show is a smart speaker and display from Amazon, packed with some of the most advanced features and benefits for the modern people. If you have already used Amazon Echo, then you must be already familiar with some of its features like Alexa voice assistance, smart home automation device management, etc. But, it is just the tip of an iceberg as there are many, endless, features that you can enjoy with the exclusive Amazon Echo Show, some of them are here:

  • 8 inch wide screen with fairly sharp 1,280×800-pixel resolution
  • 5-megapixel camera for video calling
  • Make video calls through Skype, Alexa app
  • Powerful speaker with two 2.0-inch drivers
  • 8 powerful microphones for voice commands
  • Noise cancellation technology for better voice clarity
  • Home automation technology to control smart home devices once connected
  • Facility to stream videos and music tracks online
  • Set alarm or stopwatch
  • Keep a track of the latest new and tips
  • Create to-do list or add products to the list
  • Alexa can be trained to do practically anything else.
  • Monitor other rooms and passages through other connected cameras
  • More than 15,000 skills and counting

Basic Technical Details

The Amazon Echo Show 8 is a revolutionary addition to the Amazon Echo Show family, powered with Alexa voice assistant and it is compatible with Fire OS, iOS and Android OS. Amazon Echo Show features an 8 inch wide display touch screen with 1,280×800-pixel resolution and it weights 36.6 oz (1037 grams), which may vary by manufacturing process.

The Amazon Echo Show is packed with highly advanced camera of 5 megapixels and microphones that can catch your voice from any corner of the room or home. It features a pair of 2.0-inch, each powered by up to 10 watts.

Quick Guide to Amazon Echo Show Setup

The good news here is that the process to set up Amazon Echo Show is not a tough task anymore. Anyone with a smartphone and a WiFi connection with password can complete the installation and set-up process. To make it easier, we’ve broken down this process in simple steps. The entire installation process takes no longer than 5 minutes, depending upon the speed of your mobile and WiFi connection, so make sure to have a good WiFi connection for faster connectivity and set-up.

Download Alexa Mobile App

The initial step to install Amazon echo show setup, you need to download and install Alexa mobile app on your device. The mobile app is compatible with Fire OS, iOS and Android Operating Systems. The compatibility of your device may vary as per the OS.
The mobile app is compatible with Fire OS 5.3.3 or higher, iOS 11.0 or higher, or Android 5.1 or higher. Use the following URLs to download the mobile app.

Plug-in Amazon Echo Show

The next step is to plug-in your Amazon Echo Show to the power socket. There is no need to use batteries as this device works solely with electricity using the power adapter. Now you will be asked to complete the process to choose language. The device support multiple languages including English (UK, USA and Indian), German, Italian, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, and Spanish.

Connect with WiFi

You must have an operational WiFi connection with password ready to connect your device with WiFi. You can complete the sign-in process to your Amazon account. If you don’t have any account with Amazon, make sure to create one and then start the set-up process. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before proceeding further.

Confirm Time Zone

Now, you will be prompted to choose a time zone, which is used to not just tell the time, but also for many other activities like weather check, etc.
Ready to Talk to Alexa

The set-up process is complete and you are now all set to talk to your latest family member – Alexa. As Alexa to read news, show movie timings, weather report or anything else. Simply use the wake word “Alexa” and the device will turn on to start accepting your commands.

Change Wake Word

By default the Wake Word is Alexa, but it can be easily changed to Echo, Amazon, and Computer. To change the Wake Word, visit the Alexa app and proceed to setting to search “Wake Word”. Once there, you can change the word to Echo, Amazon, or Computer.


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