What is Amazon Alexa and Its’ Role in Amazon Echo, Echo Show & Echo Spot!

What is Alexa?

You must have heard the term “Alexa” many times on the TV commercials where the actors would command Alexa to do different kinds of tasks like the weather report, latest news, play music, etc. You say anything and Alexa will answer you for that. The Amazon Alexa sits inside the Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Show. The first thing you have to do is Amazon Alexa app download  after that you can do Alexa app Setup, Amazon Echo Show Setup, and Amazon Echo Dot Setup.

Amazon Alexa, as we all know, is a revolutionary technology that is designed to accept voice commands for versatile functions. It is digital assistance that answers the questions of any sort and it also performs all sorts of tasks. Amazon Alexa has been around for over five years and it’s getting smarter every year.

amazon alexa app

For the non-technical people, Alexa is simply a software that is designed to accept voice commands of the users. Alexa is the name of the voice that you heard when using Amazon Alexa-enabled speakers. In simple words, Alexa can be also compared to Siri from Apple. Alexa also works the same way as Siri, but the only difference here is that Alexa works with the speakers while Siri comes integrated into the Apple devices.

How Amazon Describes Alexa?

AVS or Alexa Voice Service is an advanced and intelligent voice recognition technology through which you can operate any voice-enable any device that comes with just your voice commands. The official or default name of Amazon’s voice assistant is ‘Alexa’, but you have the option to change this word. That’s really amazing technology and more fun if your partner’s or roommate’s name is also Alexa.

How Alexa Works?

The Alexa device is activated by the trigger word i.e. Alexa, by default or “Echo,” “Amazon” or “Computer. The technology is designed by the experts to use natural language to process and acts upon requests.

Alexa does not just allow the Amazon Echo to return information, but it also enables these devices to work as smart home hubs and operate the other devices that are powered by Internet of Things technology. So, if you have smart lights, electronics or thermostats, Alexa can switch on/off them too, with your voice command. The capabilities of Alexa are not just limited to what you get as default, it also offers more than 3,000 skills that can be easily added to extend its current functionality. One of them is IFTTT, which lets you coordinate with other connected devices.

how amazon alexa works

What Amazon Alexa Can Do for You?

In simple words, After Amazon Alexa Setup, Alexa can do everything you would expect from the advanced technology. Alexa, as we know, Alexa is designed to respond to your voice commands. Simply say “Ok Alexa” and the device will turn on and respond to your queries or commands. If required, you can also configure Wake Word from Alexa to “Echo,” “Computer,” etc.

The answer to your query “what Alexa can do for you?” is there are countless questions that you can ask the Alexa-enabled device and it will respond to you with the best possible solution. Followings are some common commands that Alexa recognizes:

Alexa, tell me the news

Alexa, wake me at 7 AM tomorrow

Alexa, what's the weather?

Alexa, what's on my calendar today?

Alexa, tell me a joke

Alexa, play the Beatles

Apart from accepting voice commands to answer some questions, Alexa also serves as a smart home hub to control other devices through Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. For example, you can simply say “Alexa, turn on the kitchen light” and you will have the kitchen lights on even before you enter the kitchen. You can also ask Alexa to do some other tasks like to lock and unlock door smart locks, and control other IoT enabled devices.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

What is the Amazon Echo?

This is a smart home device, a Bluetooth speaker and a personal assistant. This is a tiny device that may look like any other Bluetooth speaker, but it is a highly advanced device. It is powered by Alexa, Amazon’s exclusive voice-activated personal assistant that is designed to respond to voice commands. So, your Amazon Echo can do anything for you like reading the latest news, playing music, calling your friend, set up morning alarm, order an Uber ride, tell jokes, relay traffic info and much, much more.

Amazon Echo Dot Setup is compatible with Android, iOS and Fire OS devices.

Amazon Echo Features

  • Voice Calling & Messaging
  • Play Spotify Premium & Apple Music
  • Control Your Smart Home
  • Local News/Traffic Updates
  • Weather Forecast
  • Order and Track Amazon Purchases
  • To-Do and Shopping Lists
  • Google Calendar & Email
  • 360* Bluetooth Speaker
  • Bing Search Engine

Amazon Echo Setup Guide

The process to set up Amazon Echo is quite easy and anyone can complete this without any prior knowledge or technical assistance. Following is the step-by-step guide for Amazon Echo set up:

  • Download Alexa App on Fire OS, Android or iOS mobile or a tablet.
  • Plug-in your Amazon Echo device (No need to use any batteries in order to function).
  • The Amazon Echo lights will turn blue and then orange. The orange light on device indicates that your device is ready.
  • In case the light turns purple, press and hold the action button and wait for lights to turn orange.
  • Connect Amazon Echo to a Wi-Fi network
  • Open the Alexa App and tap the horizontal lines. Now you can connect your device to other compatible devices.
  • If required, you can change the default Amazon Echo wake-up configuration. Tap to the Alexa app and look for “Wake Word”. Here, you can set the Wake-Up word to ‘Amazon’, ‘Echo’, or ‘Computer’.
  • Your device is ready to use and accept your voice commands.
alexa app set up

How to Reset Amazon Echo?

In case your Amazon Echo device goes unresponsive or you want someone else to use the device, you can choose to “Reset” the device with the following steps.
As with the Echo, the process to reset the device may be different, depending upon the version of Echo you are having – original or second generation device.

  • Reset Amazon Echo (1st Generation) – You can see a tiny hole on the device where the “Reset Button” rests. Press and hold the button with the help of a paper clip. Wait for the device to respond and the lights will turn off and on again.
  • Reset Amazon Echo (1nd Generation) – Press and hold the “Microphone Off” and “Volume Down” buttons together at the same time and wait for the device to respond. Your Amazon Echo device light will turn orange. This process may take up to 20 seconds to complete.

Amazon Echo Show

What is the Amazon Echo Show?

Amazon Echo is the latest edition to the Amazon Echo family, featuring good design, better audio and mic, smarter home management skills, and a lot more. There are different kinds of versions available in the Amazon Echo Show.

  • Echo Show 1st generation
  • Echo Show 2nd generation
  • Echo Show 3rd generation
  • Echo Show 4th generation
  • Echo Show 5th generation
  • Echo Show 6th generation
  • Echo Show 7th generation
  • Echo Show 8th generation
Alexa setup

The latest edition in the family (Echo Show 8th generation) is the most advanced and used smart speaker, powered by Amazon Alexa. This comes with an 8-inch smart screen, camera, speakers good enough to act as a mini HiFi and mic. It serves as your personal voice assistance as well as your Bluetooth speaker and smart home device. It sounds miles better than the other versions of Amazon Echo Show, but available with better prices, and therefore can’t really fail.

Amazon Echo Show features

Amazon Echo Show is not just another Bluetooth speaker that works with Amazon Alexa, but it is a lot smarter than anyone can think.

  • Camera and video chat – Amazon Echo Show is enabled with a 1-megapixel camera for video calling.
  • Display Screen – It features a 10.1 inches wide high definition screen for multiple purposes.
  • Sound Quality – This acts as a Bluetooth speaker and offers better sound quality than competitors
  • Mic Capacity – Eight microphones and far-field technology to hear you even while music is playing.
  • Privacy – It comes with a Privacy Shutter to block camera if required.
  • Voice Commands – It accepts your voice commands to perform tasks and answer queries.
  • Smart Home Hub – Setup and control your smart-home device using just your voice.
  • Pay Bills –Use your voice command to pay your electricity bills, mobile bills, gas bills, internet bills and more. Ability to check and add to your Amazon Pay Balance.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Connect your Amazon Echo Show to other devices using Bluetooth Connectivity.

Amazon Echo Show Setup Guide

Amazon Echo Show set up process is quite easy and the steps can be followed by anyone without prior knowledge or technical expertise. The setup process for different kinds of Amazon Echo Show devices may vary, so you can click “here” to check the detailed guide on different Amazon Echo Show devices.

Following is the process to set up Amazon Echo Show 8:

  • Download Alexa App on your Fire OS, iOS or Android mobile or a tablet.
  • Plugin your Amazon Echo Show to a power socket (No batteries required).
  • Wait for a few seconds. The device will power on and display a greeting message.
  • Follow on-screen instructions and connect the device to WiFi.
  • Set language, time zone, and other configurations.
  • Log into your Amazon account to start using the Amazon Echo Show.
amazon echo show setup

Getting Started with your Amazon Echo Show

Interactive with your Amazon Echo Show
  • To power on or off your device, press and hold the mic/camera button.
  • To turn off the mic or camera, press and release the mic/camera button and wait for LED to turn red.
  • To cover the camera, slide the built-in shutter.
  • Use Amazon Echo Show via voice command or touch screen.
Changing Device Setting
  • To access settings, say “Alexa Show Settings” use the touch screen to swipe down the “settings” from the top of the screen.
  • To access your shortcuts, swipe left from the right corner of the screen.

Amazon Echo Spot

What is the Amazon Echo Spot?

This is the latest edition to the Amazon Echo family, designed for those who need advanced technology with a compact design. The Amazon Echo Spot is a small puck-like speaker with a voice assistant. This device can play music, answer simple questions, book uber, find the best locations and do a lot more for you.

echo setup

Amazon Echo Spot features

  • Compact size and wide viewing angle of the screen
  • Voice assistance to call a taxi, listen to news, music, identify locations, etc.
  • Small yet effective 2.5 inches, with a 480 x 480 pixel resolution.
  • VGA camera for video calling or to monitor activities through CCTV.
  • Useful as a smart home hub to operate other smart devices inside the home like lights, music systems, etc.
  • Wide range of sleep screen savers like analog clock.

Amazon Echo Spot Setup Guide

The Amazon Echo Spot is not just compact in size, but also it makes set-up quite easy and fast for users. Follow the given steps to complete the setup process and start using Amazon Echo Spot.

  • Download the Alexa app on your Fire OS, Android or iOS mobile device or a tablet.
  • Plug your Amazon Echo Spot into a power socket (No need to use additional batteries).
  • Wait for a few seconds and the display will light up with the Amazon logo and Alexa will greet you.
  • Use touch display to select the desired language.
  • Connect your device to a home WiFi network and input the password.
  • Sign in to Amazon with username and password.
  • Confirm your time zone and choose your device name.
  • All set and you’re ready to start using the Amazon Echo Spot.

How to Download Setup Echo & Alexa App?

Alexa app is designed to use with Alexa-enabled devices (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show, etc.). The app is compatible with Android, iOS and Fire OS mobile and tablet devices. The following are the links you can use to download Alexa App.

The Alexa app is available on:

amazon alexa app download
  • Fire OS 5.3.3 or higher
  • Android 5.1 or higher
  • iOS 11.0 or higher

For any kind of technical assistance or support, please feel free to connect with our Support Team or Call at +1 888-300-9374 or email at info@downloadsetupecho.com.

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